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Disposable Medical Towels

Is it better to use disposable medical towels than the cloth ones in hospitals?

There are different opinions on this issue. Obviously, cloth towels can be rewashed and this generates less waste but are the cloth towels as hygienic as the disposable ones?

When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting hospitals the verdict seems to clearly be in favour of the disposable towels for numerous reasons:

  • A cloth cleaning towel can really help in the transmission of pathogens, slow down the productivity of personnel, and even affect the performance of some disinfectants.
  • Disposable towels can help reduce hospital infections. If washable towels are used, they should be separated according to the areas of the hospital being cleaned and washed accordingly. Otherwise, there is a risk of cross-contamination. (If you use cloth towels, a colour coding system is recommended to help with the cleaning process of the areas). The spread of hospital infections is a major concern for hospitals these days and the use of disposable towels is a step in the direction of greatly reducing the possibility of spreading these infections.

Disposable medical towels are essential for the health professionals who perform surgeries, treatments and minor surgeries. They are also ideal for paediatrics, gynaecology, fistulas, medical consultations, primary care etc. and for the washing of patients and general cleaning.

Our hospital disposable towels are manufactured with the optimum proportion of softness and absorption. In the case of spunlace, we always work with towels of at least 60 grams and with a minimum proportion of 60% viscose. In the case of airlaid, our towels are made from 100% cellulose.

Regardless of the material we use, these towels come in the following sizes:

  • 20×35cm
  • 20×40cm
  • 40×70cm
  • 40×80cm
  • 80×120cm
  • 80×140cm
  • 80×160cm

We manufacture the sanitary disposable towels only in white colour.

If you would like a custom size, contact our Commercial Department to request a quote.