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Disposable spunlace towels are towels with a high absorption capacity, made from a high-quality material, and suitable for sensitive skin.

Their main features are:

They are multi-use. Ideal for hairdressers, tanning, beauticians, gyms, hospitals, hotels, and hairdressing salons, among others
Our Towels are 100% Bio-Degradable and friendly to the environment. Without bleach or pesticides used, they are even are perfect for sensitive skin.
New fresh towels every time, 75% more absorbent than a traditional towel. Also, they are hypoallergenic and comfortable.
Soft to the touch, elegant and offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive cloth towels.
70% viscose 30% polyester in a TNT fabric (non-woven)

Why are they used?

They are more economical. On average, it costs 40 cents to wash and dry every conventional towel you use, so it means that using our disposable towels can save up to 50% of the total cost.

They are more comfortable. By not having to wash, dry, and prepare them to be used, you will save a lot of time and effort. Our disposable towels will always be ready for use.

They are more hygienic. Although conventional towels can be washed in depth, there can always be residues and possible mites and other bacteria, even after washing. Disposable towels, being single-use, will always be new and perfectly clean.

Available in various colours, formats and sizes.