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Origin of the use of hairdressing disposable towels

Disposable hairdressing towels have become one more element of the tooling of any beauty salon. They began to be used when professionals discovered that the cost of washing, drying, ironing, packaging, and replenishing a traditional towel tripled the cost of a traditional towel. The second point in their favour was the feeling of hygiene it gives the client and a saving in time for the staff of the hairdresser who do not have to spend time folding, drying, and ironing the towels (on top of saving the costs of the use of the washing machine, dryer and consumption of light that the use of traditional towels entails).

Prices of hairdressing disposable towels

The prices are based on the composition of the towel and the material. But for giving an estimated budget, buying a package of 100 units of our most economical model, the cost is £15.00, including delivery and VAT.

There are, of course, offers for disposable towels for hairdressers in our online store and in the weekly bulletins and offers that we send.

We receive many emails requesting cheap disposable towels for hairdressing and we always comment the following: tell us what your target price is and will make a quote for it (obviously, the lower the price per towel will be, the composition of the towel will be different and the towel will have a lower drying capacity).

Are disposable hair towels useful?

Of course. They dry as well as the textile ones but they have the advantage of speeding the work of the hairdresser.

The disposable towels for beauty salons are one of the most demanded products of our company, and we believe that with the new regulations they will be installed in all hairdressing salons shortly.

The sale of disposable towels for hairdressers has increased by more than 50% in the last decade.

The materials from which we manufacture our disposable hairdressing towels are:




We manufacture our disposable hairdressing towels in the following sizes:

You can purchase them in our online store of disposable towels.

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