Bathroom Disposable Towels

Where are disposable bath towels used?

Disposable bath towels are used in many businesses related to water such as spas, swimming pools, full body aesthetic treatments, pensions, hotels, gym showers, excursions, Camino de Santiago etc. We even have several clients on pilgrimages, campsites, road clubs, couples exchanges etc…

We manufacture all the disposable bath towels in individual format, as we consider that at hygiene level it is always much better for them to be individually packed since they are going to have contact with the body.

These types of towels are also widely used as disposable massage towels (this is the reason why we manufacture different sizes since a back massage is not the same as a full body massage).

The three sizes we make our disposable bath towels are:

Currently, we are only manufacturing disposable bath towels in spunlace of 55 grams. We are able to also manufacture in Airlaid or Cellulose on demand but we believe that the spunlace is a more pleasant fabric to come in contact with the body.

Our towels are of high quality with a high absorption capacity and a pleasant touch. They are hypoallergenic and have a great resistance to contact with water.

If you wish, we could also serigraph your disposable bath towels (however, we ask for a minimum number of towels to be ordered for towel customizations).

Our disposable bath towels are sold throughout Europe. If needed, we also ship to Latin America and the rest of the world. Just contact our Commercial Department who will make a quote (you will receive a response in less than 24 business hours).

You can use the towels more than once. Our towels are very absorbent and may give you more than one use.

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