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Airlaid or Cellulose Disposable Towels

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Cellulose or Airlaid disposable towels are made from cellulose fibres. Cellulose is also present in cotton, in wood, and in most plants. These cellulose fibres are actually giant molecules that consist of many small molecules linked together.

What is the key to the absorption of cellulose towels?

The small molecules that combine to form cellulose are sugar molecules, which is the key to the absorption of paper towels.

Think for a moment how sugar quickly dissolves in water. When you wet a paper towel, the water molecules adhere to the cellulose fibres. This is the reason why cellulose towels also absorb water.

Does this mean that airlaid towels are edible?

Although cellulose contains sugar molecules, that does not mean that paper towels are edible. Humans do not have any of the enzymes needed to break the cellulose molecule into individual sugar molecules. That’s why paper towels have no nutritional value for us.

What is the weight airlaid towels are manufactured in?

We only manufacture 60 grams airlaid towels. We only manufacture them in a weight that guarantees absorption qualities.

Size of cellulose towels

As with the spunlace ones, we can manufacture these in the following sizes, only in white colour:

  • 20×40 cm
  • 40×80 cm
  • 80×120 cm
  • 80×140 cm
  • 80×160 cm

The fabric of the airlaid can be smooth or embossed. Another very interesting feature of the Airlaid or Dry Tissues is that the material is very pleasant to the touch.

Main uses of cellulose towels

In hospitals, beauty centres, hospitality, tattoo salons, veterinary clinics, cleaning etc…

Our cellulose towels are ideal for any activity that requires a high absorption capacity.

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