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Aesthetic Disposable

Aesthetic Disposable Towels 

In the world of aesthetics, disposable towels have different uses such as:

  • Disposable Towels for Manicure.

These towels are made either from the spunlace or airlaid/cellulose material. The most common sizes for disposable manicure towels are 20×35 centimetres or 20×40 centimetres. The minimum weight we work with is 55-60 grams. In the case of spunlace, at least 70% of the content is viscose to ensure the manufacture of an absorbent towel.

Normally, they are packaged in packages of 100 units and the price of disposable hand towels depends on the quantity ordered (we always recommend the purchase of 1,000 units as it is much more profitable).

Disposable hand towels are also widely used in the hospitality sector, both in kitchens and restaurant restrooms.

You can buy disposable manicure towels in our online store.

  • Disposable Pedicure Towels

Pedicure was always a luxury service that little by little was converted into a basic service in any aesthetic salon. After all, feet are a letter of presentation and both women and men have come to consider the image of their feet more and more important.

If there is something that requires hygiene, those are the feet. This is the reason why it is more than usual to see disposable towels for pedicure used for pedicure services (both in beauty salons and podiatrists).

We manufacture them both in spunlace and airlaid or cellulose, the most common format being the 30×40 centimetres one.

  • Disposable massage towels

Disposable aesthetic towels are also widely used for massages. In this case, depending on whether they are meant to be used for back or leg massages or full body massages, we have 3 different sizes: 80×160, 80×140, and 80×120 centimetres (the material is always spunlace).

You can buy our aesthetic disposable towels in our online store.

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