Silla maquillaje portátil profesional de aluminio con bolsa de transporte Planethair Store

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The PlanetHair Store® makeup chair has been designed with quality standards that make it unique. It is an ideal complement for makeup artists at home, television and makeup businesses.

We have managed to manufacture a unique product, a cheap makeup chair  with all the options available: only the director’s chair , or the chair with headrest or you can include the accessory of the carrying bag .

Main features of the makeup chair

  • Anodized Aluminum (forget about buying a chair in wood , a low quality product and weight).
  • Supports up to 130 kilos
  • Fabric material «Oxford 600 D»
  • 3 layers of lacquered to prevent product from flaking
  • Color: black
  • Net weight: 6 kilos
  • Height: 93 centimeters
  • Distance from the seat to the ground: 77 cms.
  • Measures folded: 45 cms. (Length) x20 cms. (Depth) x 93cms (Height)
  • Complete measures: 56 cms. (Length) x48 cms. (Depth) x 116cms (Height)

One of our great advantages is that the fabric is washable (you can take it apart and wash it in the washing machine). It is a very durable and waterproof material.

It is not necessary that you look for a folding second-hand makeup chair (thanks to our economies of scale we manage to manufacture at really competitive prices).

If you really want the comfort of your customers, we recommend the chair with headrest . Our headrest for black makeup chair will make your makeup sessions comfortable for both you and your model.

Headrest Features :

headrest chair

  • Color: black
  • The assembly is pressurized (no screws required
  • The material is metal and nylon grid.
  • It can be disassembled again
  • Measurements: Extensible headrest from 144 to 155 cm

If you are also going to travel regularly to make up your clients, we recommend that you buy the director-type chair with a carrying bag . It is a mandatory complement if you dedicate yourself to makeup at home  since you will need to be able to move with her to your model’s house.

The measurements of our transport bag is:

  • Height: 60 centimeters
  • Width: 88 centimeters
  • Depth: 20 centimeters

The color is black and has two comfortable handles for transport.

Many clients ask us if our makeup chair  is of equal quality to the makeup d’orleac chair or the eurostil makeup chair and of course it is (the 3 chairs are made of aluminum, the difference is that we do not have intermediaries and this makes our chair be much more competitive in price).

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